Protection & Control Scheme Studies and Design

•System modeling and short circuit studies
•System stability analysis
•System protection adequacy review
•Protective device coordination studies
•Relay settings
•Control scheme specification and design
•Digital Fault recorder (DFR) application


Planning Studies

•System modeling and load flow studies
•System expansion studies
•Motor starting, voltage flicker analysis
•Power factor correction
•Emergency restoration procedures
•Reliability assessment


Operation Review and Analysis

•Root-cause operation analysis
•Protective relay operation review
•Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) operations analysis


Automation and SCADA

•Automation specifications and scheme development
•Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) installation and programming
•Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications


Emergency and Non-utility Generation Design

•Utility interconnection design
•Coordination with local utility on requirements
•Generator and interconnection protection coordination and settings


Substation Design

•Design of distribution and transmission electrical substations
•Substation modifications
•Equipment specification


Revenue Metering Design

•Specification and design for revenue metering systems


Maintenance Program Development

•Development of maintenance programs for protective relays and electrical equipment


Load Management

•Design of manual and automated load management systems for demand control


With each project, you will get a capable project coordinator to interpret your specifications, insuring adherence to applicable codes and standards imposed on the project. The project coordinator will also actively participate in the quality assurance program for your projects, literally living with your projects from engineering and fabrication, through assembly, at wiring and finally with testing.


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